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Redefining Glamour with Ruby Veridiano

Redefining Glamour with Ruby Veridiano

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The Glamourbaby Diaries features the voices of young women encouraged to redefine glamour through strength, passion and purpose.

The “Shadow” of Ignorance – FHM, Bela Padilla, and why dark skinned women aren’t happy

Bela Padilla and FHM, you’re right when you said you weren’t thinking about “harming anyone” with a cover that depicts your light skinned, bikini-d self surrounded by Filipina models in blackface. You weren’t thinking. This is the point.

Why do Superbowl ads hate your grandma?

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First off – Congratulations to Drew Brees and the Who Dat nation for a hard-fought, heart-felt Superbowl win! As much as I heart Peyton Manning, it was great to see a scrappy underdog – and surely the NFL Story of the Decade – win the ultimate prize. Per usual, the 2009 Superbowl was an astounding […]

A double dare for Filipinas everywhere

Last night, thecommich had the honor of attending the Filipina Women’s Network Salo-Salo (gathering) honoring Mona Pasquil, the first female,  Filipina Lt. Governor of California. Over a classic (read: delicious and heart-stopping) Filipino meal of adobo, sitaw, bangus sisig and lechon kawali, Filipina women of all ages and backgrounds gathered together to toast a true […]