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Online video stats to blow your mind

Online video stats to blow your mind

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This year has seen even more dizzy-making statistics to prove the theory that online video grows business – and hopefully get more business owners off to a better start in managing their online marketing strategies.

Video Made the Radio Star

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One of the best enhancements from the world of Web 2.0 has been the increasing ability of everyman to create compelling, effective video on the cheap and use it in their online marketing arsenal. With low-res video available in the most basic digital camera, and with basic editing software now coming standard on most laptops, […]

(Non)Profiting from your Online Presence

Filipinos like asking for help, and giving it. By dint of our special relationship with Mother Nature (2 super typhoons, an earthquake and a volcanic eruption, anyone?), our woefully inept government, and our general 3rd World-ness, we find ourselves often reduced to begging. Of course, we are not the biggest beggars in this world (Tibet, […]