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How to communicate your passion

Sometimes we forget that our personalities are 100x more magnetic than our credentials! And that’s a shame, because the best marketing always comes from an authentic core, i.e. who you really are.

Typography, music and mood – oh my!

Typography, music and mood – oh my!

A great example of incorporating music, concept, and yes, even typography into a video campaign.

Are you ready for a business video?

Are you ready for a business video?

Just like you can’t build a house on sand, you can’t build your company using video, without first having a solid foundation of branding and business strategy in place. Here are some questions to ask yourself (and that I ask my clients) before embarking on a video project.

The mini-campaign: 3 simple, cheap and easy ways to get you out there

So you have the website, the Twitter handle, the FB fan page and all of that. Maybe you even have time to update your blog and cold call potential clients on top of all the work you’re currently doing. Is that all there is to this marketing thing? If you’re phone is actually ringing off […]

When Tigers Cry… or, the marketing of failure

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One advantage of growing up in a staunch Roman Catholic bastion like the Philippines is that you learn from a very young age that saying sorry is a way of life. No Catholic in the world can be called as such unless they have gone through their first confession, where you sit with a list […]

Calling all ladies – Footsie SF wants to party with you!

Thecommich is proud to announce a wonderful, powerful partnership with two bodacious babes, in the form of a new business called Footsie SF. My two unbelievably talented partners are Monica Michelle, a professional photographer that has captured couples, kids, and generations of families for the past decade, and Val Cunningham, one of the most favorably […]

Marketing Lessons from the world of hip hop. That’s right, hip hop.

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Thecommich is painfully aware that invoking hip hop is no longer hip. What with the no. 1 selling record in the category coming from an Atlanta inmate named Gucci Mane, and the main concern of most rappers on the radio being the rhyming of “hurrr” with “thurrr,” Nas’ proclamation that “hip hop is dead” seems […]