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How to communicate your passion

Sometimes we forget that our personalities are 100x more magnetic than our credentials! And that’s a shame, because the best marketing always comes from an authentic core, i.e. who you really are.

How a teleprompter can kill authenticity

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Mr. W seems quite fabulous. And obvi his topic is fabulous. So why is he discussing such a fab topic with the soul dead efficiency and fake-happy feel of an airline safety video?

Growth Spurts Aren’t Just for Babies

Growth Spurts Aren’t Just for Babies

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Growth spurts – and dealing with discomfort – don’t just apply to nursing moms and infants. Oftentimes in business, the things that make us most uncomfortable make us grow the most.

Online video stats to blow your mind

Online video stats to blow your mind

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This year has seen even more dizzy-making statistics to prove the theory that online video grows business – and hopefully get more business owners off to a better start in managing their online marketing strategies.

Communication Breakdown – or, grammatical errors that drive me nuts

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There are very few things that kill me more than reading a perfect resume from a likely candidate, then seeing her follow up letter that says “with regards to my application…” Sigh. When did we learn to ignore basics like this? The correct usage of the phrase has so many permutations: With Regard To. In […]

BP vs. Tylenol – or, how to handle a catastrophe without catastrophic PR

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Everyone and their mother has already co-opted the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico and massaged it to create “teachable” moments that relate to particular agendas. From the go-go-Greenies and their continuing campaign to rid the world of fossil fuels, to the fishermen and restaurants of the Gulf demanding recompense for what is sure […]

Fashionista forecast 2010

A new decade in style…. fabulous darling, just fabulous! In honor of 2010, thecommich has assembled some awesome fashion industry insiders to answer burning questions about the status of our closets in the 20-tweens. Here are our contributors: Alicia Kan was a former marketing executive for one of the top research firms in the world. […]

The Controversy! The Humanity!

Browsing through Twitter the other day, I came upon a Mashable tweet asking if a certain KFC ad, released in Australia, was “racist” or not: Apparently American audiences took exception to the fact that a white person was trying to make good with members of the opposing team’s supporters (who happen to be black) by […]

(Non)Profiting from your Online Presence

Filipinos like asking for help, and giving it. By dint of our special relationship with Mother Nature (2 super typhoons, an earthquake and a volcanic eruption, anyone?), our woefully inept government, and our general 3rd World-ness, we find ourselves often reduced to begging. Of course, we are not the biggest beggars in this world (Tibet, […]