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Style 2010 Chapter 2 – HOW to wear clothes, and what about the men?

Onward and upward for our serialized interview with 4 lovely and stylish ladiess – Alicia Kan, Danielle Cohen, Heather Arcega and Chandra Lockett. Apparently, being in the know about trends and buying the right clothes does not a fabulous fashion plate make. The number one fashion mistake for most of our interviewees is not carrying […]

Fashionista forecast 2010

A new decade in style…. fabulous darling, just fabulous! In honor of 2010, thecommich has assembled some awesome fashion industry insiders to answer burning questions about the status of our closets in the 20-tweens. Here are our contributors: Alicia Kan was a former marketing executive for one of the top research firms in the world. […]

Double Dog Dares for 2010

So – you’ve found God, learned how conjure stress-free imagery, and have actually laced up your running shoes (while sitting on the couch). 2010 is going to be cake! Right?Yeah, right. My friend, thecommich hates to be the bearer of bad news. But change is long term, goes through ups and waaaay downs, and is […]