2-min Intro Video for $1000 (A Grand for your Brand!)

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For only $1000 (less than half what we would normally charge), 10 small businesses can get a professionally shot and edited 2-minute intro video to grow your business online and beyond.

Handling Sales Objections With Your Intro Video

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Sales training 101 says that the key to objections is education. Show the goods, and use facts to prove that your point of view is good, and ultimately, correct. And the best way to do this? A video, of course!

Startupism Day 2: The Future is Now

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Day 2 of Startupism: a keynote speech on the Future, a sneak peek into new apps hitting the market, and a bit of whinging about the pitches from the Death Match.

Lessons Learned from Startupism – Day 1

Lessons Learned from Startupism – Day 1

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For Day 1 of the Startupism conference, the main focus was innovation. In essence – how is the system of people and companies that orbits the sun called Entrepreneurship moving the rest of us forward? What ideas are changing the way customers experience or expect things to work?

Illustrator Jacob Thomas joins the mission to give more Schoolbags for Kids

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  Rolling Stone Illustrator Jacob Thomas  recently donated a wonderful piece called “The Learning Tree” to Schoolbags for Kids, which is rolling out a limited edition run for the occasion. Check out this awesome video where Jacob talks through his creative process and why he thinks giving back is important. http://vimeo.com/35272629?utm_source=The+Learning+Tree+Launch+Announcement+&utm_campaign=JT+Launch+Email&utm_medium=socialshare Ampliphi Media is proud to support […]

The “Shadow” of Ignorance – FHM, Bela Padilla, and why dark skinned women aren’t happy

Bela Padilla and FHM, you’re right when you said you weren’t thinking about “harming anyone” with a cover that depicts your light skinned, bikini-d self surrounded by Filipina models in blackface. You weren’t thinking. This is the point.

Wine Country Pinoys – Hosting the launch of Cortez ’78

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The launch of Corte Riva Winery’s newest label, Cortez ’78, was held at the Cortez Residence in sunny Penngrove California on Feb 18. Hosted by Ampliphi Media, Cocoy Ventura, and Nieves Cortez

Simple, Effective Videos for Non Profit Organizations

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The Alliance for Smiles needed a quick, simple, but effective video to raise money and awareness during the holiday season. Thecommich was happy to oblige.

Schoolbags for Kids 1000 Schoolbags Challenge for the Philippines

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Thecommich is stoked! A great opportunity has just landed on my lap to not only help the brightest kids from the poorest communities in the Philippines, but also capture on video an amazing story  that spans the globe. Ampliphi Media has partnered with Schoolbags for Kids in a unique and exciting venture – we’re calling […]

Educating Business Execs on the Benefits of Online Video

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Scott Gilbert of Mesa Verde Solutions trains sales teams to talk about why companies need video. So you don’t have to.