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Typography, music and mood – oh my!

Thecommich loves a good collaboration. In the past year, Ampliphi Media has been fortunate enough to work with great branding people and other production companies  to create kickass videos (if we do say so ourselves).

Which is why, when a video comes along that incorporates not just great moving images, but also a killer concept, soundtrack and yes, typography (!), we just have to share it.

This video is part of a marketing campaign developed for EF Language Centers. These cats really knew how to make the most out of video. Not only does each commercial take place in a beautiful, eminently filmable locale (Barcelona, Paris, Beijing, and… LA, but whatever), each one also uses custom typography to illustrate the words highlighted in the video. This negates the need for any actual dialogue – in a video about language, no less! – and opens the video up to great music, scored by Magnus Lidehäll. The words and typography tell the story; the photography and music set the mood. Each element works seamlessly with the other to create a cohesive whole, which to my mind is as good as a collaborative effort gets.

Extra bonus points for the fact that the entire campaign has its own website – easier for users who will probably want to see the other films, like I did; minimizing home page clutter on the main EF website; and enabling the EF marketing team to measure unique visits to the page (which equals effectivity and reach, i.e. how much the campaign has actually done to move the needle).

Check out “Paris”, and use the comments section below to tell me which other videos you enjoyed.

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