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She’s having a baby! The future of Ampliphi Media and the rad-ness of creativity

Posted by on Feb 15, 2013 in awesomeness, BLOG, family | No Comments

In what many have declared “the project of a lifetime,” Thecommich has undertaken the ultimate act of creativity – that of making, and raising, a real live human being from scratch!

In collaboration with Steve Salta (business development consultant and erstwhile drummer for the reggae/hiphop/rock band My Peoples),  thecommich is growing a baby inside of her – one that is due to make its grand entrance sometime in the end of February. Early analysis by Kaiser Permanente says it is a boy. Since the baby room paint and all accoutrements have already been selected in a calming shade of blue, we hope they are correct in their assessment.

How is this going to affect Ampliphi Media and future projects? Thecommich is decidedly upbeat. For one thing, working mommies are not exactly rare these days – and most of them reportedly are very happy doing what they do. We expect to resume the normal hustle and flow by mid-year at latest, and already have some great projects lined up – including an exciting collaboration with a pair of incredibly experienced business and marketing professionals. For any clients who are looking for business development, management consulting, and marketing assistance on top of their video needs – you should definitely check us out!

To get a little more personal – I could not be more excited about this turn of events, both for my personal life and for my professional one. I honestly believe creativity begets itself. And after going through what is possibly the fullest and best expression of creativity that life has to offer, my hope is to channel it into fearlessly pursuing projects that make an impact, and which fulfill me not just economically but spiritually.

Knowing I am about to bring a human into the world has compelled me to look at my creative work not just in the context of a career, but as a statement of who I am as a person. What kind of projects do I take on that will enable me to tell me kid – look what mommy did? – and have him be proud of me? How can I, through my work, pass on the kind of values I want him to live by – an appreciation for beauty, hard work, kindness, intelligence, strength, a sense of humor, and faith in the goodness of life?

It may just be the creative thread that twines all Ampliphi Media projects in the future. And that’s pretty effing rad.

So I hope you all stay tuned for the continuing adventure that is Michi Having a Baby – and Ampliphi Media having a mascot. We’ll be back soon, promise!

In the meantime I leave you with this gem from 2011: