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Online video stats to blow your mind

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in best practices, BLOG, online marketing, statistics | No Comments

Online video grows your business. That’s been a fact, at least since Google bought YouTube in 2006, ushering in the current trend of using engaging videos to convert customers and increase SEO.

This year has seen even more dizzy-making statistics to prove the theory – and hopefully get more business owners off to a better start in managing their online marketing strategies.

Is a professionally made online video good for every business? From thecommich’s experience, it depends on the size of the business, the length of establishment, and the commitment of the business owner. In prain Engrish – it’s not for the faint of heart. Small businesses that are just starting out, or are kind of a side project for a full time employee, or are headed up by someone who doesn’t have a rock solid belief in their business and how to grow it, will tend to find the medium expensive and maybe a little daunting. Ditto with business owners who don’t trust or want to invest in a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

For the rest of the world that is ready to grow their business online, here are some stats to consider:

Now that the smart phone you use to take video, is just as good at playing video on the go, video based marketing is sure to only get bigger. Time to get in the game, and make sure you come correct!