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Handling Sales Objections With Your Intro Video

Posted by on May 11, 2012 in BLOG | No Comments

It’s hard to sell yourself. It’s even harder to sell your business. Being a woman, a minority, and born with all-consuming Catholic guilt, you could say thecommich was almost culturally predisposed to be terrible at talking herself and Ampliphi Media up.

Luckily I got some sales training early in my career, and have managed to parlay some of those skills into video production techniques. One of the things I’ve found most useful in communicating via video is objection handling –  aka the ability to address Common Annoying Misperceptions about your brand, your line of work, etc. I wonder how many times the nutritionist in my BNI Group has to say “No, I’m not going to force you to be a vegan,” or how often my hypnotherapist friend has to demur “demonstrating” her skills at a cocktail party.

One fine lady I know with similar issues is Miranda Tang, founder of Omni Health and Acupuncture in San Francisco. As Miranda points out (no pun), acupuncture is still a relatively new modality in the West, although it’s been practiced in Asia for over 3,000 years. As with any wellness protocol (although surprisingly not as much with the pharmaceutical industry, but that’s another blog post), acupuncture is met with a healthy degree of skepticism and sometimes fear. Is it painful? Does it really work? It it even safe? These common objections are magnified considering that Miranda deals with family members of all ages – her youngest patient is 4 months old, and her oldest is turning 102 tomorrow!

Sales training 101 says that the key to objections is education. Show the goods, and use facts to prove that your point of view is good, and ultimately, correct. In the case of health related industries, the best “education” is testimonials, since obviously a skeptic won’t be willing to be treated until someone else has gone through the procedure and verified it works.

Behold: Miranda Tang and Omni Health and Acupuncture, in video form, with testimonials from a mom and an 83-year-old patient whose experience with Miranda has been nothing short of miraculous.

Even after shooting the video, I was in awe of Miranda calmly using needles on her months-old patient. It’s obvious from the footage that he is in no pain -in fact, he seems to be having a great time. Ditto Anita, calm as a cucumber on her treatment bed and delivering a glowing testimonial that most doctors would give their left arms to have. Even though I knew the patients Miranda recruited to do testimonials would be favorable of her, I had no idea what kind of results they would claim.

What kind of objections and misperceptions do you get in your business, and how could a video help you address them?