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Schoolbags for Kids 1000 Schoolbags Challenge for the Philippines

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Thecommich is stoked! A great opportunity has just landed on my lap to not only help the brightest kids from the poorest communities in the Philippines, but also capture on video an amazing story  that spans the globe.

Ampliphi Media has partnered with Schoolbags for Kids in a unique and exciting venture – we’re calling it the 1000 Schoolbags Challenge. For  every school bag sold at full price, Schoolbags for Kids will donate another bag filled with school supplies to a child in need in the Philippines. The bags themselves are created by Luis Garcia, a former packaging designer for Ralph Lauren.

The company has already staged successful events in schools and orphanages in Thailand, India and Belize (and has gotten some stellar press in the Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Living and Parade Magazine to boot). Next stop –  the Philippines in May of 2012! We were brought on board by CEO Kalon Gutierrez  to facilitate marketing, logistical support, and of course video production.

Vicky Garchitorena, one of the Philippines’ shining lights in the non-government sector, gave us a wonderful opportunity to deliver the bags to the kids at the Centers for Excellence in Public Education (CENTEX). The kids chosen for Centex schools are not only educated by the best possible teachers throughout their childhood, their families are supported too – parents get a monthly stipend to offset the income their children might have made working instead of studying.

The partnership(s) were announced on Adobo Nation last December 18. Check it below:

Since then, some fabulous friends have lent their support – Ruby Veridiano from Litworld and Meeting of the Minds will be facilitating social media from Universities in Manila and PR pro extraordinaire Celine Gabriel Lim will be fundraising for school supplies. We expect to announce more sponsorships and support as the project nears completion.

Now the real work begins! 1,000 bags in 5 months is no small feat, but thecommich is certain she will get by with a little help from her followers and friends. Are you ready to help??

Here’s a couple of things you can do to get 1000 school bags to deserving kids in the Philippines:

1) Buy your own bag! 

Want to teach your school age kid/niece/nephew more about other kids in other cultures? When you buy a Schoolbags for Kids bag on their website, you can find the school and country of the kid who received their matching bag and learn more about what a typical school day is like for them. To ensure your bag goes to the Philippines, use the coupon code 1000BAGS

2) Share this on Facebook!

You can “Like” the Schoolbags for Kids page on FB and share links to your mommy/daddy friends to get the ball rolling.  The more people are aware of the challenge, the better.

3) Tell Thecommich if you know someone who knows someone!

We’re building a global network of influencers, doers, movers and shakers to get this project going. If you know someone who is in PR (here or in Manila), someone whose company would benefit from sponsoring a portion of the project – through travel, hotel stays, school supplies, or media exposure, I’d love to connect with them.

Thank you in advance for your support. A project like this comes once in a blue moon, and I’m determined to make it work – not just to amplify the effects of an already compelling story, but to help better the lives of a thousand kids.