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Educating Business Execs on the Benefits of Online Video

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in BLOG | No Comments

Scott Gilbert of Mesa Verde Solutions trains sales teams to talk about why businesses need video to grow. So you don’t have to.

Thecommich found a great resource for video production businesses recently: meet Scott Gilbert, founder of Mesa Verde Solutions – a business development company that works specifically in online video. We love this incredible focus at a time where sales training in any industry is an absolute must.

As the primary business development person for Ampliphi Media, I know the long hard work that goes into demonstrating to C-level execs why video is the way to go for online marketing. Sometimes the message sticks, sometimes objections get in the way. Scott is the man to turn to if you’d like those objections bulldozed (very nicely) to the side.

A veteran sales trainer who’s worked with some heavy hitters, Scott is also a great connector with an enviable Rolodex of online video resources. We decided to share the wealth and let you into Scott’s thoughts on video in the online space – and why surrounding yourself with top talent is so important.

THECOMMICH: Tell us about Mesa Verde Solutions. How did the company come about?

SCOTT: After working for PeoplePC, EarthLink, and Clikthrough and other start-ups over the years, I decided to start my own business.  This business leverages my 13 years of work experience. Online video has come of age and is the essential business tool of the future.

THECOMMICH: Why is it important to train salespeople on how to talk about video as a marketing tool?

SCOTT:  [We help] CEOs and CMOs understand how video fits into their overall marketing and communications strategy.  The details involved with deploying online video and advertising solutions are complex.  The more CEO’s and CMO’s understand, the better they can grasp the tremendous advantages video brings.  Sales teams must communicate these two things to make it completely understandable.

THECOMMICH: What are the most common questions you get from clients that are exploring video as a marketing solution?

SCOTT: Invariably the first question is:  “How effective is online video as a marketing tool?”  They want to understand the impact that video has had for other companies around the world.  I would call it a “bang for the buck” question.  When they realize the impact, the next question is how exactly they can deploy video in their particular companies and businesses.  This is where creativity begins since the uses of online video are limitless  – both as an internal company tool as well as a marketing tool.

THECOMMICH: In your website, you mention your expertise in dealing with “premier clients.” What do these clients look like and how are they different from  non-premier clients?

SCOTT: I consider “Premier Clients” to be those who are leaders in the marketing field.  A good list I monitor is ClickZ’s list of top 100 most valuable global brands.  If you are in the online video space, you should be shooting to do business and partner with companies on this list.  During my time at Clikthrough we were able to land quite a few companies that have been on this list, such as Calvin Klein, ELLE Magazine, Gucci and Sony.

The boost in profile that brands like these can net your company are huge for start-ups.   As in golf or tennis, if you surround yourself with the hardest workers, and play with the best players, you become their equal or better.  You remain the same unless you challenge yourself.

THECOMMICH: What are the biggest mistakes video companies make when pitching video services to potential clients?

SCOTT: Potential clients pass on the opportunity or choose other companies, usually from an inability to offer the customer what they want and need. The industry is changing so fast that it requires a dedicated and diligent product manager as a part of the team. This requires a commitment to product management that is forward looking and guiding the team to stay ahead of competitors.