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Promotional Video Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in BLOG | No Comments

The little things matter when producing a promotional video.

Thecommich loves to share the wealth – especially in the form of great tips and tricks. Below is a video from serial entrepreneur Scott Gerber (am I the only person who thinks he looks like Harry Potter’s older brother?) with some really good, solid, basic tips on making a great impression with your promotional video.

So what are the “little things” Scott stressed? Professional sound, good lighting, a script that makes sense and cuts right to the heart of your offering. These are exactly the elements that are missing from low priced video productions (has anyone ever approached your business with a “free video” offer? Yeahhhh…. No). If you plan on interviewing for a top notch job at a multi million dollar company, would you borrow a second hand suit from your brother who is 100 lbs and 6 inches taller than you? Or would you go and buy yourself a good suit? Similarly – if you are planning to create and grow a brand for the long term, would you invest $0 – $150 for a crappy video, or find a provider who will match the quality of your brand with a quality product?  Just like the stitching and fit of a good suit is what makes it a good investment, the quality of “little” things in a video production will tell your audience, consciously or not, that you are serious about offering a quality business.

I hope you’ll get some great insights from these tips and use them to guide future decisions with marketing – after all, good lighting in your company or product photos are important too, just like good copywriting for your website. Remember that the little things add up.