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Maximize your marketing spend with a video tag-along

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in BLOG | One Comment

“Efficiency” is not a word you often associate with the term “Marketing.” Yet, when marketing professionals are efficient in the use of their budget, and think outside the box for branding,  the results are usually pretty awesome.

Consider the uber-successful e-zine Rue Mag. For the fashion editorial section of their recent anniversary issue, Rue Mag’s production team explored the neighborhoods of SF – seen below in one of the greener-tinged areas of the city.

Here’s the kicker: not only did they bring the usual gaggle of stylists, makeup artists, photographers and models – they let Oskari Polho (one of Ampliphi Media’s favorite videographers) come along for the ride. As a result,  they not only got great fashion shots for their editorial pages, but also a fun and interactive video that chronicles the models’ adventures around the city – and actually shows off the clothing in motion. Which, for an internet-based readership, is just the thing to provide extra value that simply can’t be replicated by traditional magazines.

Credit roll from the Vimeo post of Oskar’s video

Who else benefits from this kind of collaboration? The band that gets credit for the video’s musical background – and even the photography company that took care of the fashion shots. Even thecommich was lured into the cross pollination party in an effort to big up Oskar!

Now each company  – from Oskar, to The Soft White Sixties, to The Rhoads, can all proudly share this same video on Facebook and Twitter – which of course equals more readership and greater branding reach for Rue Magazine. 

From fulfilling a bare necessity (“we need a fashion shoot for this issue”) to a slam dunk social marketing campaign that benefits everyone who participates in it – at the cost of one videographer and a few hours of editing. Is that a budget spend that makes sense to you? Sure does to us.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? Weigh in below!

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