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Two words: "Production Value"

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A tale of two videos: both about trick bikers. Both showing impressive athletic and technical skill by two of the world’s top professionals. Both set to a musical background. Which one would you rather put your screen credit on? The first one, which looks like it’s captured by a home video camera, shows the rider […]

Do you want these guys doing your video?!

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Thanks, Neil Galang, for sharing this scary/hilarious video after reading the previous post on how to choose one (wisely). I feel like putting on my Mommy Hat after this video and saying, “See? This is what happens when you don’t listen to me. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!” Please enjoy.

Finding the Right Videographer – 5 Questions to Ask

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Finding the right videographer is somewhat like online dating: you have to know what you’re looking for, otherwise might just end up with an inbox full of undeserving, unattractive, antisocial weirdos, some of whom are trying to take advantage of you. There are a few ways to vet your videographer – one of them, obviously, […]

Think like a Silicon Valley CEO

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Thecommich has had amazing opportunities to sit and talk with some of the most talented, brilliant minds in cinema and business. Last week, a dozen or so stars in the App and Startup universes converged at Biz Tech Day headquarters in San Francisco to talk about their newest projects and their thoughts on the industry. […]