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SF Artists Attempt to Bring Variety Back to TV

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One thing you’ll never be able to fault Sam Jack for is a lack of vision. The videographer and veteran of the 48 Hour Film project is launching his most ambitious mission to date: an attempt to bring back the late night variety show to San Francisco viewers. In Living Color, SNL and Kids in […]

A Sinner, A Saint, and Some Awesome Branding

Posted by on Jun 18, 2011 in BLOG | One Comment

Thecommich has been blessed with a career for which, among other things, she must drink alcohol and enjoy it. And never has the enjoyment been mixed with so many geeked out “OMG THIS IS AWESOME” moments as when she visited the St. George Spirits tasting room in Alameda last week. Inside the distillery “Basic Training” […]

If Fonts Were People…

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Ampiphi Media’s favorite graphic designer Victoria Montilla scours the web constantly in search of inspiration (and sometimes, just a couple of laughs). In this video she scored bonus points for also teaching us the value and personality behind fonts. TRY not to bust out when you see WingDings. I dare you.