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Welcome to the world of Emerald Fish

Posted by on Jun 23, 2010 in BLOG, Emerald Fish, fashion, Heddie Chu | No Comments

Every fashionable woman knows that style is more than just buying the trendiest, most expensive piece of clothing you can afford. But for many women, finding something cheap and fun usually means going to Forever 21, enduring a constant barrage of shrieking hormonal teenagers, and sifting through fashions that are way past appropriate for one’s age.

Enter Emerald Fish – a great new fashion website from architect Heddie Chu. More than just selling clothes, shoes and accessories, Emerald Fish aims to help women find their personal style and add fun and funky clothes to complement what they already have in their closets. The clothes are sleek, chic and incredibly cheap – a total knockout combination. I know this because I’ve tried on every item they currently have in their preview trunk sale, and has bought about half of them (and want to buy the other half at some point). But more on their preview trunk sale later.

Thecommich has always been a proponent of using fashion as the ultimate self-marketing tool. With that in mind, I sat down with Heddie over mimosas on a Saturday, and talked a little more about the philosophy and purpose behind the brand.

What was your inspiration for starting Emerald Fish? What does the name mean?

My inspiration was my friends. Cool stylish, very independent girls who work hard and play hard. They all love the Guccis, the Celines and Christian Loubutins, but they are not sure how to mix these up with super cheap fun stuff. I wanted to introduce a source where they can go and get tips on how they can mix and match and buy it right there!

About the name – emeralds are my favorite thing in the world. Fishing is my dad’s favorite sport in the world. He passed away recently so I wanted to celebrate the dad and daughter love.

You are an architect and designer by trade. What made you want to open a fashion line?

Actually I studied fashion in Paris Parsons School of Design so fashion was always in my blood. I just didn’t like the fake-glamour part of it. I wanted to open up a fashion source that is REAL for real chicks out there. The website is not just about fashion. It’s about a lifestyle of all of us out there.

What is your fashion/style philosophy?

Each person has a style. Add onto your style. Don’t read ‘the Trend’ section and follow it. Wear what looks good on YOUR body type.  I’d love to wear leggings and flats but I have big legs so NO, it would not look good on me. My philosophy is for style is that you should strive for classy and sexy. That is timeless.

Who designs the clothes? Are there any unique or standout pieces you’d like to mention?

My clothes are from young designers in LA. I love the shirt-dresses. If you have the gams to show off wear them with platform sandals (find a color matches your skin color to elongate the legs) or wear them with wide bottom pants with platform sandals. Can’t go wrong. Oh, and you can wear an Hermes or Hermes look-alike scarf on your head. Looks fabulous.

Why are the clothes so cheap!?! Will they be that cheap when they get online?

The concept is cheap & chic and accessibility to customers. Very frequent changes of inventory. The concept will remain once on-line.

And finally – for all you women who are salivating to find out what Emerald Fish has in store when they launch in September -bring your wallet and your friends to their trunk show this weekend, June 26 and 27 at:

Naylor and Chu
1515 Vallejo St. between Polk and Van Ness

Bites and bubbly will be served, and all the prices are wholesale. See you there!