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Adam Carolla needs a head check and we need an apology

Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Adam Carolla, BLOG, CBS, Filipino pride, Manny Pacquiao | One Comment

Thecommich rarely reads celebrity blogs, and mostly thinks that to-dos regarding racist comments are hardly worth bothering with (see my last blog about February’s Bad Boys). But after hearing from Perez Hilton’s website that Adam Carolla said some very interesting things about Manny Pacquiao and Filipinos in general, I feel that demanding an apology is warranted.

For those of you who don’t know, Adam Carolla hosts a podcast and recently slammed Manny Pacquiao for not getting drug tested for his fight with Mayweather. That’s a fair criticism. However, the trajectory of the conversation went way past fair when he then said that Manny’s refusal was a “cultural” thing… that he “prays to chicken bones” and that “the only thing the Philippines has going for it are Manny Pacquiao and sex tours.”

Filipinos are the highest growing Asian-American population in the United States, with an average education and income far above the country’s average. We live in a country whose nursing and caregiving industries rest squarely on our shoulders. Our soldiers have served American interests since the beginning of the 20th century. My grandfather died defending this country, even though he was a Filipino. And this guy thinks that all we are good for is sex tours and a dude with a good left hook?

What, pray tell, is Adam Carolla good for, aside from his insatiable appetite for sophomoric fart-joking sports obsessed idiocy?

The saddest thing is reading the comments from people on the Perez Hilton website, where many people think this is being blown out of proportion and that Adam Carolla is just practicing free speech. I’m not sure if these people were around for the Don Imus debacle, but I fail to see how calling a Filipino boxer an illiterate chicken-bone worshiper is any different from calling black female basketball players “nappy headed ho’s.”

There is a petition going on to ask Adam Carolla to apologize. And for once, I think it’s valid. If the rest of America wants to pretend it’s OK to be racist to Asians, when every perceived African-American slight is dissected to death (again, read my past entry on the so-called racist Australian KFC ad), then we have to bring the fight to CBS, the network from which Adam podcasts. I’m sure they know, if our verbose Mr. Carolla doesn’t, that the Filipino demographic’s viewership is probably worth more than one has-been blowhard’s podcast.

Let’s not back down til this sucker is forced to apologize in as public and sincere a manner that he gleefully cast aspersions on us.

1 Comment

  1. Joy
    April 6, 2010

    This is so well-written. Thank you so much for saying how I exactly feel. Thumbs up and kudos from me.
    BTW,you might find this interesting. But one of the very first persons to complain to Adam Carolla about this was Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams). She said she's Filipino and offended by it. She said her grandfather was also a World War 2 Filipino Vet, who fought with the U.S. troops against the Japanese. I am just happy that even if she's just a fourth pinoy – she's so proud of that too. Check her out on twitter @zeldawilliams…
    Joy Cabs