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The mini-campaign: 3 simple, cheap and easy ways to get you out there

So you have the website, the Twitter handle, the FB fan page and all of that. Maybe you even have time to update your blog and cold call potential clients on top of all the work you’re currently doing. Is that all there is to this marketing thing? If you’re phone is actually ringing off […]

How to be your own Best Actor/Actress

The Oscars have come and gone with another flurry of fabulous frocks, incredible upsets (!) and all around Hollywood awesomeness. In the wake of the golden man comes a wonderful new book by Fil-Am actress and writer Shelene Atanacio, who is on a mission to help us normal people learn to better our lives and […]

The Music Video Is Alive Thanks to Those Treadmill Dudes

Posted by on Mar 9, 2010 in BLOG, camera work, Music Videos, OK Go | 3 Comments

Just a short but heartfelt post to thank the music video geniuses behind OK Go (you remember them, doncha? 4 dorks on a treadmill with a simple/killer dance routine that got over a million page views on YouTube? Well if you weren’t quite impressed with the synchronicity of 4 machines, 4 men and one camera […]

Thecommich on your inbox

Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in BLOG, blogging, email contacts | No Comments

Hi all, I’ve received a  couple of (very flattering) requests from followers of thecommich who want to see my postings in their inbox as soon as I publish them. If you would like to receive my blog as a newsletter, kindly send your email address to: michelle@ampliphimedia.com. It’s a great way to keep in touch. […]

Bad boys, bad boys – watcha gonna do?

It’s been an awesome month for men misbehavin’. First Tiger comes out of his self-imposed Woods of Silence and (kind of) apologizes for being a lying cheater; then John Mayer weighs in on the many ways he isn’t black  (“my d!%k is like a white supremacist”); then US Olympian Scotty Lago snowboards home in shame […]