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Why do Superbowl ads hate your grandma?

Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in ad campaigns, BLOG, Superbowl, women's issues | No Comments

First off – Congratulations to Drew Brees and the Who Dat nation for a hard-fought, heart-felt Superbowl win! As much as I heart Peyton Manning, it was great to see a scrappy underdog – and surely the NFL Story of the Decade – win the ultimate prize.

Per usual, the 2009 Superbowl was an astounding pageant of spending (thecommich estimates that,  if the NFL didn’t bother hiring Jay-Z, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Queen Latifah, a symphony orchestra and the reanimated corpses remaining members of The Who, and gave the resulting leftover budget to Haiti instead, that the karmic debt of the US would be paid tenfold).

More than usual however, thecommich noticed a disturbing trend in Superbowl advertising. It’s understandable that such a meat-filled activity will target the Y chromosome (from what you eat to what you watch, it’s pretty much man-fare all the way). But does it have to be anti-X? The first ad I saw during the show was Tim Tebow’s mother getting tackled like a sack of potatoes by her own son (supposedly to show how “tough and resilient” women were, but the question I asked was “what kind of moron did she raise that would not only concuss his mother but also be so mislead as to think he could speak authoritatively against a woman’s right to choose?”).

The second ad featured our favorite Golden Girl, Betty White, getting knocked down in a flag football game – only it’s not Betty White, it’s some regular schmo that is “acting like Betty White out there” because he was so hungry he didn’t have all his wits about him (and by the way, anyone who’s seen Betty White’s speech at the Golden Globes knows that nobody has her wits more about her than Betty White). Only it IS Betty White because the ad is designed to elicit laughter when an 80-year old lady gets laid out. They just have to SAY it’s NOT Betty White because otherwise they’d get sued. Because we all know it’s not right to hit old women. We just think it’s funny when other people do……? Wait, what?

What does it say about our society when we symbolically knock our women down? Oh I understand, Irony, right? Like, it’s funny only because we hold women so sacrosanct in our society that when the unthinkable happens – when your mom gets tackled by a 250-pound ball of muscle, when you compare someone’s idiotic movements and bad decisions to your grandmother (who lived through 5 wars and has lived 3x as long as you) – we laugh because it would NEVER happen in real life. Right? Like that new movie where Gerard Butler stuffs his ex wife in the trunk of his car so he can ship her off to jail? Like how Snooki got punched in the face by a dude? 

Maybe instead of depicting outright physical abuse we can just make an ad that is scathingly, wittily pro-male. Witness the Dodge Charger ad, where a legion of dead-eyed American men slash the women in their lives with little verbal knife wounds like “I will hold your lip balm.” “I will listen to your opinion of my friends. I will listen to your friends’ opinion of my friends.” “I will put the toilet seat down.” … all this, and more! If you leave him the hell alone when he chooses to buy a $25,000 car. The title of the ad is “Man’s Last Stand.” It should be called “Dodge Charger buyers are miserable, pussy whipped 8-year olds with Oedipal issues.” Honey, if you’re putting your hands on our 401-K so you can make a “last stand” of manhood, I’ll carry my own lip balm…and keep the kids too.

Listen, men. I don’t know when you decided to make this a war. Granted, we women had the luxury of the 60’s when we could traipse about the Washington Mall burning our bras. But we needed to do that because you wouldn’t let us work. And if you did let us work, you thought it was OK to fondle us, call us names, and force us to have sex with you if we wanted a raise. As it is, you still control over 485 of the Fortune 500 companies in the US. And a quarter of mothers in America are still “stay-at-home,” so it’s not like you’re subsisting on Chinese take-out as a result of our “new-found” independence.

So what’s the deal with hating us at the Superbowl? Is it not enough we made homemade nachos for the big game? That we bought and mixed the dip? That we fed the kids and the dogs while you guzzled the beer and cheered in the living room? Must we come in from the cold with fresh burgers, to our boyfriends and husbands tell us we’re moving like Betty White?

Where the hell did the Victoria’s Secret ads go?