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When Tigers Cry… or, the marketing of failure

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One advantage of growing up in a staunch Roman Catholic bastion like the Philippines is that you learn from a very young age that saying sorry is a way of life. No Catholic in the world can be called as such unless they have gone through their first confession, where you sit with a list […]

Doing it for Love

As hokey and Hallmarked as Valentine’s Day is, I’m still into the fact that there IS true love out there. Not the kind focused necessarily on another person, but certainly keeping with the idea of valuing something more than oneself; giving of oneself to keep it going; and loving it not for what one can […]

How to take a good headshot

Ahhh… the dreaded headshot. Most small business owners need one at some point in their careers. Most small business owners also hate taking them. Aside from being completely ruined by the Real Estate industry, headshots are kind of like meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time – you’re never quite sure how to look […]

Why do Superbowl ads hate your grandma?

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First off – Congratulations to Drew Brees and the Who Dat nation for a hard-fought, heart-felt Superbowl win! As much as I heart Peyton Manning, it was great to see a scrappy underdog – and surely the NFL Story of the Decade – win the ultimate prize. Per usual, the 2009 Superbowl was an astounding […]