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Style 2010 Chapter 2 – HOW to wear clothes, and what about the men?

Onward and upward for our serialized interview with 4 lovely and stylish ladiess – Alicia Kan, Danielle Cohen, Heather Arcega and Chandra Lockett.

Apparently, being in the know about trends and buying the right clothes does not a fabulous fashion plate make. The number one fashion mistake for most of our interviewees is not carrying the clothes with the right measure of individuality (read: stop with the enormous logos!) and confidence, followed by blindly following trends that don’t work for them.

Similarly, our panel delivered some choice words for men who have worn the same outfit for the last 20 years, and those who think it’s okay to look like they just rolled out of bed after a hard night of partying.

Read on for some practical sartorial advice:

What trend do you absolutely love? Conversely, which fashion trend drives you up the wall?

Chandra – I absolutely love the upcoming floral patterns! I will always love ruffles, as well. I despise leggings worn as pants; some body shapes should simply NOT wear leggings without the proper covering. Unfortunately, these body shapes are out gallivanting around in Uggs, leggings, and tiny tees.

Danielle – I love repurposing old keys in accessories, cowboy boots on girls with great leggings and short skirts, and many of the eco-design trends with natural and recycled fabrics which cause less industrial harm or waste. The trend I despise is name brand status wearing. There is nothing more unattractive to me than a perfectly designed garment that ruins itself with a huge logo or visible brand name.

Alicia –  I love that structured jackets are back in a big way. They’re the easiest way to dress up your look and make you feel powerful.

The fashion trend that drives me up the wall are five- and six-inch bondage shoes. We need to get back to fashionable yet sensible heel heights. I’m waiting for Manolo Blahnik’s 1995 kitten heel pump to resurrect.

What in your opinion is the biggest fashion mistake that people make?

Heather – Fidgeting! Even if you’re uncomfortable in what you dressed in, you can still fake it. Fidgeting draws more attention to the fact that you’re uncomfortable and that you don’t like the way your clothes make you look/feel.

Danielle – The biggest fashion mistake that people make is wearing something that makes them feel uncomfortable or strained. If you don’t feel fabulous in your outfit, you won’t look fabulous in it either.

Alicia – Blindly following a formula when it doesn’t look good on them.

Chandra – Not investing in a tailor. I am on a mission to secure the best tailor. I want clothes that not only look good, but have a FANTASTIC fit. A fantastic fit makes all the difference in the world.

For thecommichʼs male readers – what are some important tips and tricks you can share for them to stay looking fresh?

Danielle – Fitted shirts and pants are much better than baggy. Sometimes a thick bracelet or a funky retro watch can be just as eye catching as a fancy watch. A good scarf in the cold months, when worn correctly, can be super sexy.

Alicia – Getting stuck in a 20-year style rut sneaks up on you. The easiest way to update your look: go to another hair stylist and get his/her honest opinion.

Chandra –
1. Invest in a tailor
2. Wear a fedora
3. If you have facial hair, maintain it
4. Invest in a fabulous pair of shoes. Women will forever check out a man’s shoes. There’s nothing worse than seeing a smartly dressed man and noticing that he is wearing shoes that can only be described as orthopedic shoes.
5. Polish your shoes. If you can’t polish them yourself, pay someone to shine your shoes for you.
6. Note the details: wear cufflinks, read about the proper way to tie a tie, press your slacks, tie your shoelaces, comb your hair, wear cologne.

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