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Fashionista forecast 2010

A new decade in style…. fabulous darling, just fabulous! In honor of 2010, thecommich has assembled some awesome fashion industry insiders to answer burning questions about the status of our closets in the 20-tweens.

Here are our contributors:

Alicia Kan was a former marketing executive for one of the top research firms in the world. She is the blogger behind powercasual.com and madaboutmanolo.com, where she is currently purging her designer wardrobe on eBay.

Danielle Cohen is the founder and CEO of Missing Piece Productions, which produces avant garde fashion events all around the Bay Area and manages independent industry talent.

Heather Arcega is the designer behind Gingerbread Clothing and Ri Couture, as well as the fashion producer for Carbonated.TV

Chandra Lockett is a social worker, teacher, and master of the art of vintage shopping. She is Alicia Kan’s proclaimed Style Guru.

Though each has given some great insights on trending (Alice in Wonderland and vintage clothing are universally acknowledged as being where it’s at), the aim was to give a better overall view of how to modernize your wardrobe without spending a ton of cash to do it. How you look, after all, is Ground Zero for your efforts to market yourself.

The answers are intriguing and well-thought out, so this blog is going to be serialized. Anyone have a problem with that? No? Awesome!

Herewith, thecommich spells out what dressing for success means in the ‘tweens.

2010 marks both a new year and a new decade. As fashion insiders, are you expecting a shift in the way people dress and present themselves? If so, what kind of changes are we looking at? 

Heather – I believe fits and hem lengths are what’s going to change…a shift back to the 90s minis and the slimmer fit will still be present for part of 2010. And a “punky romantik” attitude…i.e. Tim Burton’s Alice & Wonderland adaptation is going to have some effects on fashion

Alicia – Vintage will occupy the hallowed place luxury labels used to occupy. Luxury will evolve from overt logos to customized/bespoke, using unusual materials in everyday objects and cross-platform collaborations. We’re seeing the latter with Jimmy Choo for Uggs, for instance.

Danielle – This shift is actually a flashback to the 1930s (also the time of the Great Depression, how very fitting!) This can mean hats for men and women for both day and evening wear. I think there will be a combination of thrifty shoppers who find gems in vintage stores, and also shoppers investing in new garments which combine modern aesthetics with an antique look and feel

What 3 things will you throw out of your closet?

Chandra –
I’m throwing out the majority of my pointed toe pumps [in favor of] more embellished shoes with round toes, wedge heels, platforms, and stacked heels. I plan to rid my wardrobe of anything I’ve bought and have never worn. I also have items that I am clinging on to because they were “firsts”. I just sold my first Gucci purse, because I hadn’t used it in over three years!

Alicia – Short t-shirts, stiletto heels and baby doll dresses

Danielle – Ironic t-shirts, anything made with synthetic fabrics, and that pair of boots that are starting to smell a bit funky.

What 3 things will you invest in or buy?

Heather – I never buy clothes cause I can make them. But if I were to buy 3 things, it would be slip dresses, silk rompers, and platform pumps and/or wedges.

Danielle – A new pair of boots, elegant gloves, and a pleated skirt.

Alicia – Long t-shirts, vintage jewelry and interesting sneakers

Chandra – I plan to invest in sky-high neutral tone slingback heels, a designer purse (preferably Chloe), and a red wiggle dress.

Personal style is a crucial aspect in marketing oneself. As such, dressing up has its own strategy. What is your strategy for looking stylish and appropriate for the occasion, without looking overdone or breaking the bank?

Danielle – I think a general rule of thumb is the more accessories you mix and match, the more you are ready to party in style. The more you focus on just one or two classic signature pieces, the more you are ready for business in style.

Chandra – I have a full figured shape and wear items that are beneficial for such a silhouette. I’ve read a book entitled “3 Black Skirts: All You Need to Survive”, and have made it my mission to make sure that I have black skirts that are always intact. I try not to spend all my money on trendy items, because trends come and go. Instead, I like to buy classic pieces. I laugh because many friends, family members, and colleagues believe that I have new clothing every time they see me. One week I wore my favorite black pencil skirt for seven days in a row (I washed it by hand every other day). The things I did change were my tops, legwear, shoes, hair, handbag, and accessories.

Alicia – Wear vintage with modern. Vintage comes at all price points and it sets you apart.

Heather – Wear what makes you feel confident!

***Next Post – what works and what doesn’t in fashion – and we didn’t forget about you, boys!