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Style 2010 Chapter 2 – HOW to wear clothes, and what about the men?

Onward and upward for our serialized interview with 4 lovely and stylish ladiess – Alicia Kan, Danielle Cohen, Heather Arcega and Chandra Lockett. Apparently, being in the know about trends and buying the right clothes does not a fabulous fashion plate make. The number one fashion mistake for most of our interviewees is not carrying […]

Fashionista forecast 2010

A new decade in style…. fabulous darling, just fabulous! In honor of 2010, thecommich has assembled some awesome fashion industry insiders to answer burning questions about the status of our closets in the 20-tweens. Here are our contributors: Alicia Kan was a former marketing executive for one of the top research firms in the world. […]

Now that was a party!

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Ladies and gents, it’s official – Footsie SF has arrived. Thecommich will take this opportunity to pat herself and her two wonderful partners on the back for a great meet and greet at My Boudoir Lingerie on Union St. Gerri Nuval’s  store was filled to the brim with San Francisco lovelies of all ages, some […]

Calling all ladies – Footsie SF wants to party with you!

Thecommich is proud to announce a wonderful, powerful partnership with two bodacious babes, in the form of a new business called Footsie SF. My two unbelievably talented partners are Monica Michelle, a professional photographer that has captured couples, kids, and generations of families for the past decade, and Val Cunningham, one of the most favorably […]

Marketing Lessons from the world of hip hop. That’s right, hip hop.

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Thecommich is painfully aware that invoking hip hop is no longer hip. What with the no. 1 selling record in the category coming from an Atlanta inmate named Gucci Mane, and the main concern of most rappers on the radio being the rhyming of “hurrr” with “thurrr,” Nas’ proclamation that “hip hop is dead” seems […]

Footsie SF – Marketing Strategy, Copywriting and Web Design

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Footsie SF is a California based group that provides a unique, for-women-only luxury party service. Clients sign up with their favorite girlfriends for Footsie SF’s themed parties, which include catered food, professional fashion and makeup/hair styling, a dance/movement lesson and themed boudoir pictures. Our goal was to evoke a fun and flirty way for women […]

Follow up tips for making the most of controversy

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Blogger @pamelaslim has some great advice for dealing with criticism and controversy. Thanks @GuyKawasaki for reposting! http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/the-world/article/controversy-is-good-pamela-slim?

Want a controversial ad? Thecommich aims to please.

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Last post, thecommich showcased the much-ado-about-chicken Australian KFC ad (that has since become the most Re-Tweeted post on Mashable). While it’s arguable about whether anyone should, as the Ozzies say, get their knickers in a bunch (over that commercial), it brings up a very good discussion on the value of controversial advertising as a way […]

The Controversy! The Humanity!

Browsing through Twitter the other day, I came upon a Mashable tweet asking if a certain KFC ad, released in Australia, was “racist” or not: Apparently American audiences took exception to the fact that a white person was trying to make good with members of the opposing team’s supporters (who happen to be black) by […]

More great videos

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Thanks @aliciakan for this awesome picture montage c/o Jason Reitman (director of Juno and Up in the Air)Lost In The Air: The Jason Reitman Press Tour Simulator from Jason Reitman on Vimeo.