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Stay Human Apparel – Online Marketing Strategy

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Stay Human Apparel creates organic and free trade lifestyle clothing. Ampliphi Media is helping to create online presence for Stay Human; producing eco-conscious blogs on their website and running Facebook campaigns and promotions.

My Peoples – Music Video Production

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Ampliphi teamed up with Blank Tape Productions to produce a music video for My Peoples track, Light Up. The result – based off the band’s original album art – is a fast paced, fun and whimsical trek through an urban luau.

Daily Grind Movie – Online Marketing Strategy and PR

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We asked coffee lovers to participate in the film as extras, and arranged for coverage of one of our shooting days from the Oakland Tribune. Independent coffee shops were asked to offer promotional space in their cafes and screening nights at their venue.

Ploom – Event Management and Guerilla Marketing

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Ploom is a San Francisco based tobacco company that’s revolutionizing the social ritual of smoking. Ampliphi Media manages Ploom’s tasting team.

Welcome to the world of Emerald Fish

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Every fashionable woman knows that style is more than just buying the trendiest, most expensive piece of clothing you can afford. But for many women, finding something cheap and fun usually means going to Forever 21, enduring a constant barrage of shrieking hormonal teenagers, and sifting through fashions that are way past appropriate for one’s […]

BP vs. Tylenol – or, how to handle a catastrophe without catastrophic PR

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Everyone and their mother has already co-opted the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico and massaged it to create “teachable” moments that relate to particular agendas. From the go-go-Greenies and their continuing campaign to rid the world of fossil fuels, to the fishermen and restaurants of the Gulf demanding recompense for what is sure […]

Hurts So Good – or, running for the cure of a disease you currently suffer from

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My friend Joeline has a chronic disease. Here’s a catalog of what she suffers from: abdominal pain and irregularity; bleeding, fever, and anemia; weight loss from malabsorption and joint inflammation. Welcome to the Ulceritive Colitis party! 1.4 million Americans suffer from UC (and its cousin, Crohn’s disease) yearly – and that’s only the people who […]

Adam Carolla needs a head check and we need an apology

Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Adam Carolla, BLOG, CBS, Filipino pride, Manny Pacquiao | One Comment

Thecommich rarely reads celebrity blogs, and mostly thinks that to-dos regarding racist comments are hardly worth bothering with (see my last blog about February’s Bad Boys). But after hearing from Perez Hilton’s website that Adam Carolla said some very interesting things about Manny Pacquiao and Filipinos in general, I feel that demanding an apology is […]

The mini-campaign: 3 simple, cheap and easy ways to get you out there

So you have the website, the Twitter handle, the FB fan page and all of that. Maybe you even have time to update your blog and cold call potential clients on top of all the work you’re currently doing. Is that all there is to this marketing thing? If you’re phone is actually ringing off […]

How to be your own Best Actor/Actress

The Oscars have come and gone with another flurry of fabulous frocks, incredible upsets (!) and all around Hollywood awesomeness. In the wake of the golden man comes a wonderful new book by Fil-Am actress and writer Shelene Atanacio, who is on a mission to help us normal people learn to better our lives and […]