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(Non)Profiting from your Online Presence

Filipinos like asking for help, and giving it. By dint of our special relationship with Mother Nature (2 super typhoons, an earthquake and a volcanic eruption, anyone?), our woefully inept government, and our general 3rd World-ness, we find ourselves often reduced to begging. Of course, we are not the biggest beggars in this world (Tibet, […]

Marketing Lessons from our favorite Reindeer

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Everyone’s heard the story of Rudolph, the quadruped with the inexplicably bright nose (juvenile alcoholism? Rosacea? Lack of Theraflu?) who rose from the lowly position of “last one picked for reindeer games” to “leading Santa’s sleigh.” It’s a story meant to inspire all of us to dream that one day, we too can leave Loserville […]

What’s for Christmas Dinner?

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I must start with an apology to my readers – Last post, I said that this entry was going to be about my grandmother (Lola Elen)’s favorite holiday recipes. This proved to be a no-go, mainly because my lola, who opens a seasonal catering business for the holidays, literally keeps her recipes under lock and […]

A double dare for Filipinas everywhere

Last night, thecommich had the honor of attending the Filipina Women’s Network Salo-Salo (gathering) honoring Mona Pasquil, the first female,  Filipina Lt. Governor of California. Over a classic (read: delicious and heart-stopping) Filipino meal of adobo, sitaw, bangus sisig and lechon kawali, Filipina women of all ages and backgrounds gathered together to toast a true […]

Double Dog Dares for 2010

So – you’ve found God, learned how conjure stress-free imagery, and have actually laced up your running shoes (while sitting on the couch). 2010 is going to be cake! Right?Yeah, right. My friend, thecommich hates to be the bearer of bad news. But change is long term, goes through ups and waaaay downs, and is […]